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Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Apologie and A Story

       Well, first, I know I haven't posted for *1, 2, 3,4 5* 5 months! And, I'm sorry. We moved houses and our internet has been down for 3 months. I have no valid excuse for the first 2 months.... Sorry... and here is what transpired on the eve of October 21. Enjoy the craziness of my family....

       To start I will tell you this, I love frozen yogurt. It is my guilty pleasure. So as we were driving down Railroad Ave., me seeing that there was a new frozen yogurt place I naturally said: "Hey, look! Red Berry!" Lo and behold my mom stops the car in the middle of the road and rolls down my  window.
"Say it." She says as if I'm supposed to know that the heck that means. As I stare in utter confusion, mom rolls down her window "HEY!! LOOK--"
"Shut up!!!!" I screamed back, the 3 guys smoking on the apartment patio wave, disscombobulated (best word ever!). *face palm* Yes, true story.

See Y'all Later!

P.S. Read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. *in Doofensmirtz voice* You won't be sordd-y!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Okay, so, apparently I have to write about what I learned in studying linguistics today. If you have absolutely no interest in what I am about to say, I will not be hurt if you go check your stocks, do your homework, or do what ever it is you do.

Well, to day I was learning about various English "versions" of the language. The book says they prefer the word "versions" but I like the word "dialects" better. It's less vague. Anyhoo, I learned that, one researcher went into a lower, middle, and upper class department store (all of which were in the heart of New [New x 15 ;)] York City and had shoe departments on the fourth floor.) asked clerks from each where the shoes were. He noticed (he was recording it) that the lower class store had the least r-fulness (the use of the letter r in a word, based off of the common Brooklyn-ese dialect which eliminates post-vocalic [I know, weird word right? But it's real and it means related to being after a vowel] r's in many words. I.e. Get in the ca' as apposed to Get in the car.) while the upper class had the most.

If you haven't drifted off by now, you are a stronger person that I. :) See you Friday for my next lingu post. (Maybe...:P) 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Science and Faith by The Script

Okay, here is another little story shuffle I wrote. If you have heard the song, you will see that I quoted it many times.

P.S. Newkirk trailing off just signifies Deryn's boredom, he did not just forget to finish the sentence.

“How can you say that?” Deryn asked incredulously. Deryn and Alek were sitting in Deryn’s room, having a heavy conversation about the furthest constellations of their souls.
     “You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope, you won’t find heart and soul in the stars. You can break everything down to chemicals but you can’t explain a love like ours.” Alek said while he stared into Deryn’s ever incredulous eyes.
    “Always the softy, you” She had tried to push evolution as the obvious conclusion of the start, but it had been for her own amusement, saying love was an illusion of the hopeless heart. But then he had gone and said something that just knocked her dead.
   “It’s the way we feel, yeah this is real.” Alek whispered just as Newkirk barged in.
   “A house full‘a ninny’s” Deryn muttered as she saw the truth behind what Alek had just said.
   “See you at dinner, Deryn.” Alek said as he walked out the door, interrupted by Newkirk.
   “What are you doing here anyway?” Deryn snapped crossly at Newkirk.
   “Oh, um well, Dr. Barlow says………..”

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Benefit of the Doubt

    Ah, the benefit of the doubt. This delightful principle is not often used in crime shows (although it should be) and is a comforting, sometimes irritating one. If you find yourself a detective then you must learn to love it. Me? I've got my own reasons.                                                                                 
     One reason I love it is that, if you give others the benefit of the doubt, you think that others will bless you with this gift and thus you feel more comforted in... odd situations. For example, if you are running around your neighborhood with a towel on your head because you and your friend are playing "towel tag" you will feel, after doing this yourself, inclined that others will see this and think: "What is she doing?! Maybe someone's hurt and they need a emergence sling, maybe she has lice and is running in fright, or maybe she is playing a game with her friend." and so, you feel more comfortable doing odd and weird things. (Which is a good thing. I mean, who wants to stick by the status quo?)

      Another reason I like the benefit of the doubt is that it requires you to think, to open up your mind to all the possibilities. Because, as you try not to watch that woman use the facilities in the leaf-bare tree 50 feet away from your bedroom window, you can reach into your mental store-houses and think of all the reasons that she might be going in that unfortunate place. It requires you to refresh your mind and comb your memories. 

       This is why I think that giving others the benefit of the doubt is a satisfying and kind thing to do, and that it broadens and enriches the mind.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Suess day!

I just wanted to wish you a..... HAPPY (belated) DR. SUESS DAY!!!!!!! *streamers fly and kazoos honk*

The wedding!

So the wedding was a week ago and the newlyweds are already back from their honeymoon but I did promise I would post about it so here you go.

It was a beautiful wedding. The bride's dad was the marrier and he was really good at making it serious yet funny. The bride's sister and her husband also played a really nice song for them and the bride's brother composed most of the songs that the strings played. As you can see, I am a friend of the bride.
I can not rightly do this justice in words so I will stop trying.

See y'all later!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello ple-eples!

How ya been doin' then? I 'ben doin' pretty good. I am really excited because a really close family friend is getting married on Saturday!! Unfortunately, I am not invited...... :( PHYC!!! I am SO invited! Sorry if you are reading this and you know who I am talking 'bout and you are not invited. But I think that all the people who read this blog either don't know her or IS invited. Anyway, it is going to be so cute! My friends are the flower girls. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! So there is the exciting news. See you after the wedding when I post about it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox!

So now I am about to eat lunch on the day after my first ever acting performance! I should have acted sooner but somehow I never got around to it... but now I have! And it was so much fun! The Parade Players put on both Fantastic Mr. Fox AND Horton Hears a Who! I was Second Child (you'd think they could make up a better name!), Mrs. Bean and misc. animal at the feast in Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both of the plays were amazing. Well, I think that Fantastic Mr. Fox was amazing... I was just watching it from the green room and on-stage, so I'm not really sure... Anyhoo, we have another performance today at 7:00 so if you live in the area, come! Just call/facebook message my mom or I and we will give you the info.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi guys.

So, I'm kinda am just beginning to freak out. It just hit me that our play is in 32 hours!! And we've only had like *breaks down sobbing* 30 hours of rehearsal!!! Our play is tomorrow and we are still blocking!!! ACK! Hokay. I am calm now. I remember all of my lines (and I really hope I do tomorrow too!) but a bunch of people either don't know their cue and/or don't know their lines! Plus my director is...uh... kinda scary when she is mad. But that does make her praise a thousand times more satisfying. So we have to make this play ROCK lest we unleash the rage. There is one kid who I think will make Mrs. G ridiculously angry... He has three lines that he can never remember to say and he's not a very good mime which is required for the feast scene. *in a attempt at positivity* This play is going to be great! *disparagingly* I hope. fjkA;FSLKGJASFIPJBGSRGHI'ASH;lakgj;alskjg;lasd!!!!!!!! That was me freaking out. Hokay, hokay, I can be calm, I can be calm.
P.S. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. At this point the play is over and I realize I was WAY over-dramatizing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Awesome Mask

So my sis just brought home this awesome mask she made in 2nd grade! Here it is.

Awesome, right?!


Hey guys, sorry to bother you but I have this graph for the science fair that I just drew and I am really proud of it and I wanted to show you. Here it is.


Monday, January 23, 2012

The meaning of "icy"

Now, I have a challenge for you all; I want you to give me the adjective definition of "icy". Please answer via comment, i.e. icy= _________________ OK? I really need these results so please help me out here. Thanks! Bye.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hilarious Bruins roast

Okay Canucks fans, do you remember the sheer anger you felt when the Bruins won, not by playing hockey but by pounding the Canucks until all they're good players were incapacitated? Well, if you have ten minutes this is a awesome little back-stabber at those thugs. Now I know that some don't like Jon Stewart, but this is just too good to pass up.
Trust me, to anyone who even remotely follows hockey (or even if you know what is it :D) this will be either enraging (for you insane Bruins fans) or it will make your day (for the avid Van. fans).

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh and, "Let others wage war you, luck Austria, shall marry." Just an fyi...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fan art!!!!

You guy will never guess what happened!!! Well, maybe if you look at the title you might... Anyhoo, my fan art got on Mr. Westerfeld's blog!!!!!!! Here is the link, Mine is the one with the cool little cartoony ships.

The meaning of "icy"

Now, I have a challenge for you all; I want you to give me the adjective definition of "icy". Please answer via comment, i.e. icy= _________________ OK? I really need these results so please help me out here. Thanks! Bye.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skiing (second run)

Oi peeps!

So, I know thins is a little late but, on Saterday I went skiing! It was really fun. I only got to ski for two hours but next week I will go for longer.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Oi peeps!
So, I know this is a little λάτε, βυτ ον Σατυρδαυ Η βεντ σκιινγκ! Ιτ βας ρεαλλυ φυν. Η ονλυ γοτ το σκι φορ τωό χουρς βυτ νεχτ ωεεκ Η βίλλ γετ το γο σκινγκ φορ λονγερ.

Χαβε α γοοδ δαυ!
P.S. Did you like the Greek characters? Here is a alphabet:
a=α    b=β     c=κ     d=δ     e=ε     f=φ     g=γ    h=η     i=η     j=ξ     k=κ     l=λ    m=μ     n=ν     p=π     q=κ r=ρ      s=ς     t=τ     u=υ     v=β    w=β     x=χ     y=υ     z=ζ     Η=I btw

Monday, January 9, 2012


Wow. I haven't posted for a LONG time. I have many musings I could share with you. Or you could look at them in a convenient graphic format which includes audio! 'K, go to and you will see my few graphic musings.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Polar Bear Plunge!!!

Today. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Now you may ask, why was today awesome? Is it because it's 2012? Or maybe I had a great time at the beach with my semi-extended fam? Well, if you guessed either of those, you would be wrong. Here is why today was awesome; my (awesome) cousin and my sis and I did the Polar Bear Plunge today! If you happen to not live in the pacific northwest you probably don't know what the heck I'm so excited about. But, you will soon find out.
         So here's how it went down: I had heard a commercial for the plunge on the radio on the drive to my Grandma's second house in Birch Bay, and I almost shouted
        "There's a Polar Plunge in Birch Bay!?!?! I have GOTTA DO THAT!" And, lo and behold, my gracious mother said yes just as we were pulling in to the driveway. Then my cousins got there and I told them about it and all three of them said "Nah... *does something else*" but then I showed them a video of it and they saw the tremendous mob mentality and Alex agreed to take the plunge. So then, come 11:30 the next day, my oldest cousins were boarding to the beach and they're parents, me and my immediate family where going to meet them there (we were driving). So my mom dropped my grandma, my sister, and me off a block and a half away from the beach, and went to find parking. As I walked toward the mob of people I asked one for the time.
            "My watch says smack on 12:00, but you've got about 15 seconds" I sped my already fast walking. As it turns out the lady's watch was about 3 minutes off. As I took off my pants and shirt to reveal a old blue bathing suit, my grandma and sister and walked up to me. My sister was soon in her green-yellow one-piece and had joined me at the waters edge. I dipped my foot in and jumped back. Was I crazy? Apparently. I waited for a minute that seemed like 15 until finally I heard the count down and jumped in along with all of the other crazy thrill-seekers. I waded in until it was deep enough to dive and did just that into the freezing water. I stroked in my usual way, pulling my arms towards my body and flipping my legs like a dolphin, and was, at first, refreshed. Unfortunately that feeling was short-lived.  I pushed my head out of the water and ran back to the shore. I looked over and saw that there were still people in the water. I broke away from my grandma's grasp and dived in again. This time when I came up, I felt a pounding in my head. As I walked out, doubled over, I felt like screaming a long list of every choice cuss I knew. I refrained myself and merely said
         "That is- flippin -COLD!" As I sat on one of the many logs and  began to dry off, I saw my cousins, they're parents and my mother approaching. Poor Alex, I thought, he didn't get to do it. But as my aunt approached she said,
         "Will you do it again with Alex?"
         "Sure. Come'on" I said as I lead Alex to the waters edge.
         "One..two...three...jump" I heard him muttering under his breath.
         "Are you ready?' I called over my shoulder to my aunt who was taking a video of us.
         "Yeah, anytime." Was the response.
         "Okay, one two THREE!" and I dived in a third time. This time the pounding in my head was supreme. I ran on shore, were Alex was clutching his foot. My oldest cousin, Justin, muttered something I couldn't distinguish, but which my aunt apparently could,
         "Hey, don't call him that. At least he did it. Which is better that you."
         "He hurt his cut in the saltwater" Justin half muttered to me.
         "Hey, he went IN." my auntie Bonnie said in response.
         "I-I-I forgot my shorts." Justin said while shaking his pants, as though to prove his point.