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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The leviathan triolgy ROCKS!!!!!

OMG you guys! I just finished reading Behemoth (which is, BTW like the second best book in the WORLD!!!!) by Scott something or other (Westerfeld) and you HAVE to read it!!! This book is like so maddeningly AWESOME!!!!!

Sorry about all those !!!!!!!!'s and CAPITALIZED words, but this book really does ROCK!!! -come on, Lauren, steel yourself- Anyhoo this book is about a fleeing heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne who comes along during this, like, alternate great war (that's world war I to you) where the allies (Darwinists) have all these fabricated beasts (gmo's) and the Germans side (Clankers) have all these fancy machines. So prince Alek (technically a Clanker), in fleeing most of the world, comes aboard the Darwinist airship (which is basically a large floating whale thing) and ends up meeting the midshipmen "Dylan" who is hiding a secret of his/her own...

And on a completely different note here is a link to my schools news paper (which BTW I have a article in!):

Thanks for reading,