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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Story Shuffles

HI! I just finished a story shuffle. If you've no idea what the barking heck that is here's a short explanation for you; you turn your iPod (or any music player) to shuffle and then write a short story related to the song your listening to. In my case that means listening to Haven't Had Enough (by Marianas Trench) set to repeat and writing some quick FanFic about the various characters in LBG (Leviathan, Behemoth, Goliath) It is titled Newkirk's secret wish. Enjoy!

             Eugene strayed in Dr. Nora Barlow’s cabin as long as he could. He knew that if he didn’t walk Tazza properly Nora would call Dylan to do it and he would no longer be able to see her. This was something he just couldn’t take. As he walked towards the gut he heard Mr. Rigby’s voice telling him that not only was his precious Nora married but she was also about 20 years older than him, but for some reason he just couldn’t manage to get her out of his head.  I guess love is blind he thought. He carried on walking down the gut, desperate to walk Tazza correctly so that Nora would need him. Oh how he wish he could go back one more time and begin it. Back before she was married. But alas that was not an option so his only other choice was to somehow end it right; make her fall desperately in love with him and forget that silly “Alan Barlow” and run off with the 16 year old airman. The young middy’s fantasizing was cut short by Mr. Rigby, who was topside helping the riggers. “What are you doing up here with Tazza?!” he half shouted. At once Eugene realized that he had once more messed up one of Tazza walks “Oh Huxley clart!” He swore. “Were you day-dreaming about Dr. Barlow again?” Mr. Rigby said in a disapproving voice “Yes” Eugene said sheepishly “This has got to stop!”  “Yes, sir” “Good now go return Tazza to Dr. Barlow’s cabin and then come up here to help us” Mr. Rigby turned back to his work. Eugene knew the boson was right but continued to wish for the impossible as he walked back to the lady boffin’s cabin. 

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  1. Oh, my. I'm laughing right now. Newkirk has a secret crush on Barlow... oh, my. It's pretty good, though.