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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Polar Bear Plunge!!!

Today. Was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Now you may ask, why was today awesome? Is it because it's 2012? Or maybe I had a great time at the beach with my semi-extended fam? Well, if you guessed either of those, you would be wrong. Here is why today was awesome; my (awesome) cousin and my sis and I did the Polar Bear Plunge today! If you happen to not live in the pacific northwest you probably don't know what the heck I'm so excited about. But, you will soon find out.
         So here's how it went down: I had heard a commercial for the plunge on the radio on the drive to my Grandma's second house in Birch Bay, and I almost shouted
        "There's a Polar Plunge in Birch Bay!?!?! I have GOTTA DO THAT!" And, lo and behold, my gracious mother said yes just as we were pulling in to the driveway. Then my cousins got there and I told them about it and all three of them said "Nah... *does something else*" but then I showed them a video of it and they saw the tremendous mob mentality and Alex agreed to take the plunge. So then, come 11:30 the next day, my oldest cousins were boarding to the beach and they're parents, me and my immediate family where going to meet them there (we were driving). So my mom dropped my grandma, my sister, and me off a block and a half away from the beach, and went to find parking. As I walked toward the mob of people I asked one for the time.
            "My watch says smack on 12:00, but you've got about 15 seconds" I sped my already fast walking. As it turns out the lady's watch was about 3 minutes off. As I took off my pants and shirt to reveal a old blue bathing suit, my grandma and sister and walked up to me. My sister was soon in her green-yellow one-piece and had joined me at the waters edge. I dipped my foot in and jumped back. Was I crazy? Apparently. I waited for a minute that seemed like 15 until finally I heard the count down and jumped in along with all of the other crazy thrill-seekers. I waded in until it was deep enough to dive and did just that into the freezing water. I stroked in my usual way, pulling my arms towards my body and flipping my legs like a dolphin, and was, at first, refreshed. Unfortunately that feeling was short-lived.  I pushed my head out of the water and ran back to the shore. I looked over and saw that there were still people in the water. I broke away from my grandma's grasp and dived in again. This time when I came up, I felt a pounding in my head. As I walked out, doubled over, I felt like screaming a long list of every choice cuss I knew. I refrained myself and merely said
         "That is- flippin -COLD!" As I sat on one of the many logs and  began to dry off, I saw my cousins, they're parents and my mother approaching. Poor Alex, I thought, he didn't get to do it. But as my aunt approached she said,
         "Will you do it again with Alex?"
         "Sure. Come'on" I said as I lead Alex to the waters edge.
         "One..two...three...jump" I heard him muttering under his breath.
         "Are you ready?' I called over my shoulder to my aunt who was taking a video of us.
         "Yeah, anytime." Was the response.
         "Okay, one two THREE!" and I dived in a third time. This time the pounding in my head was supreme. I ran on shore, were Alex was clutching his foot. My oldest cousin, Justin, muttered something I couldn't distinguish, but which my aunt apparently could,
         "Hey, don't call him that. At least he did it. Which is better that you."
         "He hurt his cut in the saltwater" Justin half muttered to me.
         "Hey, he went IN." my auntie Bonnie said in response.
         "I-I-I forgot my shorts." Justin said while shaking his pants, as though to prove his point.

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  1. oh, my, Lauren! you describe this well - it makes me feel cold and think you are crazy!! three times?? Mrs S.