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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi guys.

So, I'm kinda am just beginning to freak out. It just hit me that our play is in 32 hours!! And we've only had like *breaks down sobbing* 30 hours of rehearsal!!! Our play is tomorrow and we are still blocking!!! ACK! Hokay. I am calm now. I remember all of my lines (and I really hope I do tomorrow too!) but a bunch of people either don't know their cue and/or don't know their lines! Plus my director is...uh... kinda scary when she is mad. But that does make her praise a thousand times more satisfying. So we have to make this play ROCK lest we unleash the rage. There is one kid who I think will make Mrs. G ridiculously angry... He has three lines that he can never remember to say and he's not a very good mime which is required for the feast scene. *in a attempt at positivity* This play is going to be great! *disparagingly* I hope. fjkA;FSLKGJASFIPJBGSRGHI'ASH;lakgj;alskjg;lasd!!!!!!!! That was me freaking out. Hokay, hokay, I can be calm, I can be calm.
P.S. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. At this point the play is over and I realize I was WAY over-dramatizing.

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  1. You're so cute when you overdramtize. I'm very proud of you sweet actor girl! Way to conquer your stage worries! You're awesome. Love, Mom.