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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Benefit of the Doubt

    Ah, the benefit of the doubt. This delightful principle is not often used in crime shows (although it should be) and is a comforting, sometimes irritating one. If you find yourself a detective then you must learn to love it. Me? I've got my own reasons.                                                                                 
     One reason I love it is that, if you give others the benefit of the doubt, you think that others will bless you with this gift and thus you feel more comforted in... odd situations. For example, if you are running around your neighborhood with a towel on your head because you and your friend are playing "towel tag" you will feel, after doing this yourself, inclined that others will see this and think: "What is she doing?! Maybe someone's hurt and they need a emergence sling, maybe she has lice and is running in fright, or maybe she is playing a game with her friend." and so, you feel more comfortable doing odd and weird things. (Which is a good thing. I mean, who wants to stick by the status quo?)

      Another reason I like the benefit of the doubt is that it requires you to think, to open up your mind to all the possibilities. Because, as you try not to watch that woman use the facilities in the leaf-bare tree 50 feet away from your bedroom window, you can reach into your mental store-houses and think of all the reasons that she might be going in that unfortunate place. It requires you to refresh your mind and comb your memories. 

       This is why I think that giving others the benefit of the doubt is a satisfying and kind thing to do, and that it broadens and enriches the mind.

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