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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Okay, so, apparently I have to write about what I learned in studying linguistics today. If you have absolutely no interest in what I am about to say, I will not be hurt if you go check your stocks, do your homework, or do what ever it is you do.

Well, to day I was learning about various English "versions" of the language. The book says they prefer the word "versions" but I like the word "dialects" better. It's less vague. Anyhoo, I learned that, one researcher went into a lower, middle, and upper class department store (all of which were in the heart of New [New x 15 ;)] York City and had shoe departments on the fourth floor.) asked clerks from each where the shoes were. He noticed (he was recording it) that the lower class store had the least r-fulness (the use of the letter r in a word, based off of the common Brooklyn-ese dialect which eliminates post-vocalic [I know, weird word right? But it's real and it means related to being after a vowel] r's in many words. I.e. Get in the ca' as apposed to Get in the car.) while the upper class had the most.

If you haven't drifted off by now, you are a stronger person that I. :) See you Friday for my next lingu post. (Maybe...:P) 

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